dean-englemann In 1992, Dean Engelmann was studying at the University of Minnesota, mostly in classrooms and greenhouses on the school’s agricultural campus in St. Paul, when a teacher introduced him to plant propagation: the phenomenon by which plants reproduce through cuttings, bulbs and other plant parts.

Dean Engelmann grows annuals, perennials and other plants for the garden center on a 100-acre farm near Plato, Minn.

Engelmann was a sophomore and had been planning to major in environmental studies, but the science of plants spoke to him; he had grown up on a farm and done some gardening, mostly at the behest of his grandmother.

“That’s when I knew what I wanted to do,” he recalled. He changed his major to environmental horticulture.

Over the next decade, Engelmann worked in the nursery industry before striking out on his own as co-owner, along with his friend and business partner Scott Endres, of Tangletown Gardens, a garden center that has become a popular destination for upscale landscapers and gardeners in south Minneapolis.

Engelmann grows annuals, perennials and other plants for the garden center on a 100-acre farm near Plato, a hamlet of 320 people just west of the Twins Cities. In fact, nearly all of the plants at Tangletown are home-grown; it’s a model that allows Engelmann and Endres full control over the quality of what they sell – and the way it is grown and delivered.


The Story of Tangletown Gardens – What you can use in your garden center

Come learn the ins and outs of one of Minneapolis’s premier garden centers.  Dean will share the evolution of the garden center, production greenhouses, and the farm that supplies it’s 600 plus member CSA and their very own restaurant, Wise Acre Eatery.  We will discuss what has worked and what hasn’t.  This will be a very visual journey to inspire you to really make you think differently about your operation and how you can set yourself apart in an ever changing economy.  We’ll talk about creating brand identity and how to truly set yourself apart our competitive world. Dean will share the philosophy that has helped them create what Tangletown is today.

Lessons Learned from Sourcing Your Own

Come along for a peak at one of the most vertically integrated garden centers, greenhouse, farm and restaurant operations in the country.  We’ll talk about how Tangletown has revolutionized it’s greenhouse production with cutting edge growing techniques in a low tech greenhouse facility.  Dean will share how he has gone completely against the grain, even dispelling much of his own extensive science background to produce higher quality plants with fewer inputs.  We’ll even scratch the surface of our biological farming model and how we are able to produce some of the most nutritionally dense food available.