Best Practices for working with Customers and Pesticides

Successful garden centers market much more than just plants and materials.  Ask a garden center employee for help in choosing the right plants for that shady location or which type of tomato will be best for making salsa and you’ll get loads of advice.  In essence, they are marketing knowledge, and that knowledge is what makes your employee’s so valuable and helps to bring repeat customers through the door.  That same employee is likely the first source of information for your customers pest management decisions.  When a customer brings in a weed or a bug in a jar are your employees able to properly identify the pest and provide control information to your customers?  If the use of a pesticide becomes necessary, will they be able to navigate your customers through the pesticide counter and provide valuable information on which product to use and how to properly apply it.  If not, you may just be missing out on one of the biggest customer retention tools you have.