2015 Program

2016 Garden Center Symposium will be held

January 20 and 21, 2016

watch for details in September/October 2015


2015 GCS/MPC Speaker Line-up

Steve Bailey - Steve Bailey Consultation

Steve's Personal Invitation To You

Steve Bailey

Steve Bailey Bio

“What You Sell Determines HOW MUCH You Make!”
Your Garden Center’s product mix evolved as your years in business progressed. What moved you to carry the product you now sell? Customer demand? Vendor pressure? You just plain like to sell a certain product? Most importantly, is the product mix you are now selling allowing you to make a reasonable Profit? Or do you need to make a change? This short session will answer YOUR product mix puzzle!

“What’s More Important – The Margin Or The Turns?”
Margins. Got to get the Margins. Can’t discount or you’ll sacrifice the Margin. Should you sacrifice Margin to increase Inventory Turns? Just what are Inventory Turns, and are they as important as Margins? If you’re a Margin Monster, prepare to be surprised!

Mark Dwyer, Rotary Gardens

Mark's Personal Invitation To You

Rotary Botanical Gardens, Janesville, WI

Mark Dwyer Bio

Mark, plant variety extraordinaire at Rotary Gardens In Janesville, WI, will highlight plant varieties, both annuals and perennials that can "Make Your Customer's Small Spaces Come Alive" and will also introduce us to those new annuals and perennials that he believes should be in everyone's inventory.

Invitation from The Harvesters

The Harvest Group,

The Harvest Group Bio

The Harvest Group will help you:
• Grow your business and increase your profit
• Find, train and keep the right people
• Create a Sustainable, Money-Making company
• Learn strategies to make running your business easier
If you want to take your business to the next level, these seasoned, Green Industry Experts will help you!

Carol Miller, Editor

Editor, Today's Garden Center and Greenhouse Grower

Carol Miller Bio

Carol will help you "Steal This Idea" by sharing successful marketing and merchandising ideas she has seen used in garden centers all over the county. She also will be encouraging you to share your successful ideas.

Lloyd Traven, Sustainable, Organic Grower

Peace Tree Farm, Kintnersville, PA

Lloyd Traven Bio

Lloyd is going to help you figure out how to take back your customers' yards by leveraging edible landscapes, including growing and marketing herbs.